Top Best Photocopier Brands

Top Best Photocopier Brands

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    Printers and photocopiers are essential for any company, whether big or small. The photocopier is one of the most productive, efficient, and time-saving technological advances. It streamlines processes and yields beneficial results, such as the ability to print in unlimited copies with customised effects and a variety of ink colours.

    The sheer number of photocopier types and manufacturers available in Australia can make shopping around seem like an overwhelming prospect. Even though most companies quickly catch up to the technological advances made by their rivals and the price gap between photocopier suppliers might tend to shrink due to the ongoing commercial war, most of the major players in the industry have managed to maintain their own identities.

    While some are still known for their high-quality output, others are better suited to mass printing. Some companies provide unique solutions to meet the needs of niche markets, while others maintain a cost advantage in the face of competition from larger firms.

    Reasons abound for splurging on the highest quality digital copier that money can buy. A quick and reliable photocopier will be used in today's workplaces.

    Here you'll find a compiled list of the most reliable and cost-effective inkjet and laser printers and the most versatile and user-friendly multifunction printers (MFPs) that combine printing, scanning, and faxing into a single device. MFPS used to have a poor reputation for being a "jack of all trades," but they've stepped it up in those areas while delivering better value and more valuable extras.

    Many alternatives are available now, from digital touchscreen displays for digital businesses to usage tracking for increased security, auto duplex, mobile, and wireless printing.

    Where Should I Look For A Copier?

    These are five things to keep in mind while you make your list:

    Is the Capacity of the Photocopier Your Company Is Contemplating Adequate for Its Needs?

    There is a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from when shopping for a multifunction printer that also functions as a photocopier. Many are designed for sale within the country. Take the advertised capacity and compare it to the actual demands of your company.

    How Critical Is It That Scanning and Printing Quality Be High?

    Recent years have seen widespread use of photocopiers equipped with high-end printing technology previously reserved for laser printers. Before making a final decision, examining some print and scanned output examples is a good idea. Quite a few retailers today will even mail you a sample.

    Do You Require Faxing Capabilities?

    Many major corporations still rely on fax as a vital means of communication. Look at the multifunction printer's fax capabilities; in the modern era, these features will likely involve both cloud storage and a direct dial to some other fax machine.

    Is Information Management a Priority for Your Company?

    Photocopiers should have passwords or PINs set up so only authorised users can use their functionalities. Ensure the multifunction printer is set to produce only the necessary copies. Disabling the USB port will reduce the potential for harm.

    Does Your Business Need Remote Printing?

    The convenience of printing via mobile devices is a direct result of the proliferation of the BYOD (Bring Your Device) policy. Inspect the photocopier's connecting apps carefully to make sure they're secure. An MFP is a valuable tool to streamline operations and reduce costs. Today's digital copiers are available in various configurations, making it more critical than ever to consider your company's unique demands carefully.

    Choosing the Proper Photocopier and Supplier

    Choosing the correct hardware may be partly influenced by the manufacturer's fame, but it is not the only consideration. Models must be selected carefully, taking into account individual company requirements. While deciding on a copier provider, it is also essential to consider whether or not they offer print services and whether or not they offer rental or lease options.

    Proper Model Selection

    If picking a photocopy provider was challenging, selecting a model is exponentially more so, as photocopier suppliers are only one of several considerations. Finding the ideal photocopier requires a clear understanding of one's requirements:

    Fast copying and printing are defined by the number of pages produced per minute (ppm): 15 ppm or less is considered sluggish, 30–40 ppm is adequate for most corporate purposes, and 50 ppm or more is considered fast. Low-end laser photocopiers may now be slower than similarly priced high-end inkjet MFPs.

    What Kind of Papers Should Be Printed?

    If it's mostly text, any monochrome printer will do. Have a separate, compact printer on hand for those few occasions when colour is required. Colour inkjet printers remain more appealing than black-and-white laser photocopiers for regular photo printing.

    Paper dimensions. One possible distinction between MFPs and dedicated office copiers is the size difference between machines that can only print on A4 and those that can also print on A3. All the bells and whistles, such as high-speed printing, high-volume printing, binding, and stapling, are standard on A3 photocopiers, which are typically free-standing machines.

    Pages per month. This directly impacts the price per page. In most cases, laser copiers are a better financial investment than inkjet machines for offices producing more than one thousand copies monthly. It is Link. If your business is tiny, you might be OK with a multifunction USB printer. Still, if you need to print from numerous computers simultaneously, you're better off with one that uses WiFi or Ethernet. Able to juggle multiple tasks at once. Connectivity to the copier by several users is helpful; simultaneous use is optimal.

    So, the cost per page is crucial. There needs to be more than just checking the cost of the photocopier alone; you also need to include the cost of supplies such as ink toners, cartridges, and refills. Access to these necessities is another primary concern. Although the copier and ink are inexpensive, nobody wants to make an unscheduled trip of 10 miles only to buy the proper toner.

    Photocopiers for home use. Such as desktop models, can be purchased for as little as $100, although their page-per-minute rates are pretty slow. Mid-range free-standing MFPs that can process as many as fifty pages per minute with such a good resolution and can scan and print in A3 and A4 formats start at around $1,000.

    Most businesses will find these machines adequate, but copy specialists can benefit significantly from the speed and accuracy of the more expensive, high-tech models available today, costing upwards of $40,000.

    Choosing a Reliable Photocopier Provider Is Even More Crucial Than Locating a Reliable Photocopier Source.

    The requirements of a corporation or a small business may lead to the identification of highly pricey photocopiers, necessitating a significant financial outlay. No matter the model, routine maintenance and frequent consumable replacement can significantly slow down productivity if handled by the user. This assumes, of course, that the user is competent in these technical areas.

    As a result, B2C stores, both brick-and-mortar and virtual, rarely see purchases from businesses involving photocopiers. Companies rely on photocopier suppliers, who market and sell copiers from the significant vendors described earlier in this article. These suppliers provide rental and leasing options for copiers and managed print services, including extensive servicing and repair contracts.

    Several photocopier manufacturers, like Canon, also provide these services as an up-front recommendation. Yet, there might be better sources for financing and service for their own devices.

    It would be best if you considered the following while deciding on a photocopying service:

    • Reputation and comments from customers,
    • Provider close by so it can respond rapidly to emergencies,
    • If you need assistance, you can call a toll-free or premium number or send an email.
    • Options for maintenance and repairs include the presence or absence of in-person technician assistance,
    • All the legalese in the contract to ensure the client isn't trapped in an abusive agreement,
    • Particularly crucial are the contract's termination provisions.
    • Some contracts have terms that prohibit the customer from performing independent replacement, requiring the customer to purchase the consumables at a much higher cost directly from the provider.

    Due to these factors, it is generally recommended to solicit multiple price estimates from various suppliers of photocopiers. You can use a service like Companeo to gather and compare bids from multiple vendors to find the most affordable and reliable photocopier service in the UK.

    List of the Top 10 Photocopier Manufacturers


    Ricoh, a supplier of office machines like photocopiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, and more, was founded in London in 1980. It still does this by way of a distribution and dealer system.

    Due to Ricoh's dedication to sustainability, the company has been recognised for its efforts in this area on multiple occasions. The Telford, Shropshire factory received the first award in 1987 for "Environmental Achievement" from Queen Elizabeth II. Ricoh has been recognised for its environmental consciousness with the "Climate is Business" Award, the "World Environment Centre Gold Medal," and two Ruban d'Honneur awards in recent years.

    When Ricoh introduced its first multifunction device in 1988, it pioneered the industry. A multifunction copier composed of 50% plant-based ingredients was introduced in the industry. For eight years, Ricoh has been recognised as one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies.


    Tokuji Hayakawa, the creator of the first mechanical pencil, established the Sharp company in 1912. His invention, which he dubbed the Ever-Sharp, led to the formation of the Sharp Company.

    Sharp thinks it should generate energy since it manufactures energy-dependent goods. This is why it has been at the forefront of solar technology development for the past fifty years.

    In 1972, Sharp introduced the world to its first photocopier; in the 1990s, the company released various digital copiers and MFPs. Compact photocopiers, speedy colour, and black-and-white multifunction printers are some options available.

    Kodak Minolta

    A subsidiary of Konica Minolta Corporation, Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd operates in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. Located in London, the UK branch promotes and sells products in the company's core business areas: office and print production. It distributes its imaging products and services through in-house sales and an extensive dealer network. More than a hundred businesses sell Konica Minolta products across the United States.

    For business printing needs, you can choose from various Konica Minolta products, including primary multifunction machines and advanced high-volume print output systems. It offers both standard and wide-format black-and-white and colour printers and photocopiers.

    Konica Minolta's dedication to environmental sustainability has been recognised with multiple Green Business Awards. Its high-speed printing systems, such as the bizhub PRO and bizhub PRESS, are samples of systems that achieve peak performance without sacrificing durability or dependability.


    Canon Inc., which has its roots in Tokyo, Japan, has a worldwide subsidiary, Canon Ltd., which handles sales and marketing. The UK branch's principal office can be found in Surrey. The Belfast, Birmingham, London, and Livingston branches are also important (Scotland).

    A group of 1930s-era scientists determined to make their mark on the emerging field of photography. Canon originated from this group, and today the name Canon is recognised worldwide.

    Canon built its first office outside of Japan in 1976 in the United Kingdom, offering calculators, micrographic equipment, and copiers to the business sector. As a result of their fast and high-quality printers and photocopiers, Canon is now a household name in the business world.

    • A Canon i-Sensys MF735Cx
    • Lightning-quick and feature-packed laser AOI
    • Classified as a multifunction, colour inkjet printer, capable of handling paper sizes up to A4, with a 250-sheet capacity and weighing only 26.5 kilogrammes,
    • Quick print times
    • First-rate photocopier
    • Creating a lot of noise while in use
    • Touchscreen that's too sensitive.

    Canon has designed this gadget with a speedy photocopy speed and valuable features to sell to small and medium-sized businesses. The main tray can hold 250 sheets of paper, while the extra tray can hold 50. Canon's useful companion software for iOS and Android devices makes printing and scanning from the cloud a breeze. The device itself is a high-quality photocopier with duplex scanning and printing.

    Corporation Toshiba TEC

    The worldwide Toshiba TEC Corporation includes Toshiba. In 1999, the TEC Company and Toshiba's copier and multifunction product (MFP) business amalgamated, giving birth to the company. Toshiba TEC's headquarters are in the Surrey town of Chertsey in the United Kingdom.

    The two companies collaborated so that Toshiba's clients might benefit from wide-format multifunction printing. The KIP 3100 wide-format MFP can print in full colour and is highly flexible. Toshiba also provides a variety of different printers and MFPs.


    Xerox's little multifunction printers and photocopiers are ideal for offices with fewer than 50 employees. Xerox is committed to using cutting-edge technology without sacrificing the reliability of its products.

    Xerox has made some groundbreaking advancements, including using solid ink. Although solid ink was developed in 1986, it wasn't commercialised until 1991. Only Xerox provides this ink at this time.

    Colourful, high-quality prints may be made quickly and easily with solid ink. Compared to laser printing, it results in 90% less waste and can reduce your colour printing costs by up to 70%. The production and storage expenses are lower, with less environmental impact. It's a fantastic advance towards your goal of frugality without sacrificing environmental values.

    • High-tech laser copying at a cost
    • Classified as a multifunction, colour inkjet printer, capable of producing 28 pages per minute on paper sizes up to A4, with a capacity of 300 sheets, and weighing in at 30 lb 7 ounces,
    • Modern, touch-screen interface
    • superior printing quality with many options
    • Unfortunately, this Xerox is not the quickest available.
    • Capacity constraints of paper

    This machine may be small by Xerox standards, but it boasts a robust feature set ideal for any home office or small to medium-sized enterprise. We have tested speedier printers from Xerox, but this one stands out for its excellent photocopying abilities and consistently high print quality, whether in colour or black and white. Another advantage is the user-friendly touchscreen interface, which provides quick access to various settings, including duplex scanning and many safety precautions. The excellent quality is reinforced by the product's modular design.


    When established in Taegu, Korea, Samsung was initially a tiny export firm. Samsung is now an international conglomerate and a familiar household brand in many nations worldwide. Although Samsung is best known as a pioneer in mobile device innovation, the company also creates waves in the corporate sphere.

    Samsung, a market leader in digital appliances, offers a comprehensive selection of printers and photocopiers suitable for businesses of any size. Energy Star printers, as are wireless and Ethernet models, can help you save money in the long run.

    Samsung's recent development of a mobile print app demonstrates the company's commitment to staying at the cutting edge of technology. The app enables remote wireless printing. The latest high-quality telephone equipment is combined with cutting-edge office printers and photocopiers.

    Samsung's TV and Watch Phones hold world records and have earned various honours.


    DeSales is the exclusive UK distributor for copiers manufactured by DEVELOP GmbH. In reality, DEVELOP is a division of Konica Minolta. In addition to offering affordable prices, DeSales promises to deliver your order of Multifunction photocopiers within 24 hours.

    DEVELOP guarantees efficiency, economy, and ease of usage. It has a wide range of printing speeds, from those that can't manage more than 21 pages per minute to those that can manage over 41 pages per minute, making it suitable for home and office use. Print speeds of up to 92 pages each minute are available on its assembly line printers. There are both black-and-white and colour schemes to choose from.

    Limited Company, Kyocera Document Solutions

    The Reading headquarters of Kyocera was established in 1988, and the company has since expanded to include a support centre in Milton Keynes and a technology suite in London. Kyocera Document Solutions are distributed throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland via an extensive dealer and reseller network.

    For many years, technical ceramics were Kyocera's mainstay offering. When Dr Kazuo Inamori saw the technological potential of ceramics, he founded Kyoto Ceramics. Kyocera, the company he went on to start, is still at the forefront as a leading producer of ceramic parts for electronics.

    Kyocera's ECOSYS printer technology exemplifies the company's commitment to environmental responsibility. The printer's drum and developer in this system are designed to survive for its service life. All of our models are also Energy Star certified. Kyocera's workgroup printers don't put out any ozone, and you can recycle every last bit of plastic that goes into making them.


    Epson is a Seiko subsidiary making electronics and photographic equipment in Japan since 1942. Epson is widely recognised as a forerunner in the printing business, with several of its innovations having been adopted as de facto standards. Epson is notable for developing the cutting-edge technology of piezoelectric crystal inkjet printing. Epson has also released ink tank printers, which eliminate the need to constantly buy new cartridges and reduce the price of ink by as much as 90%.


    The photocopier is one of the most useful, efficient, and time-saving pieces of office equipment available. It simplifies operations and produces useful outcomes, such as producing a limitless number of duplicates with unique effects and a rainbow of ink colours. While the photocopying market in Australia is diverse, the top manufacturers have each maintained their own distinct identities. The most versatile and user-friendly multifunction printers (MFPs) that combine printing, scanning, and faxing are the most dependable and cost-effective inkjet and laser printers and multifunction printers. One should check the declared capacity of the photocopier with the actual demands of the business when looking for a multifunction printer that also acts as a photocopy. Recent years have seen broad use of high-end printing technology, which means that the bar has been raised for scanning and printing quality as well.

    Finding the best multifunction printer (MFP) for a company is crucial for improving efficiency and cutting costs. Fax capabilities, data management, remote printing, passwords or PINs, and paper sizes are just a few of the features that should be taken into account. Models must be carefully chosen with each company's specific needs in mind. The speed of a copier or printer is measured in pages per minute (ppm), and colour inkjet printers continue to be more tempting for frequent photo printing than black-and-white laser photocopiers. Think about whether or if the photocopier service also prints, and whether or not you can rent or lease the equipment.

    Standard A3 photocopiers are freestanding devices that can print quickly and in large quantities, as well as bind and staple documents. The cost of consumables, such as ink toners, cartridges, and refills, and the cost per page, are both significant. Home photocopiers can be had for as little as $100, while state-of-the-art versions can run upwards of $40,000. As user-managed photocopier maintenance and consumables replacement can significantly slow down production, it is much more crucial to choose a trusted photocopying supplier than to locate a reliable source. Business purchases of photocopiers are unusual at business-to-consumer (B2C) outlets.

    In the United Kingdom, Ricoh and Sharp are two of the leading photocopier producers. The "Climate is Business" Award, the "World Environment Centre Gold Medal," and two "Ruban d'Honneur" medals have all been presented to Ricoh in recognition of the company's dedication to environmental sustainability. One of the World's 100 Most Sustainable Companies, Sharp was a pioneer in the multifunction device market when it released its first model in 1988. The United Kingdom and the rest of Europe are served by Konica Minolta's subsidiary, Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd. It sells its imaging products and services directly to consumers and through a nationwide network of authorised dealers.

    It provides colour and black-and-white photocopiers and printers, in addition to regular sizes. Tokyo, Japan-based Canon Inc. has a worldwide sales and marketing arm called Canon Ltd. Canon, which has become a household name in the business sector, established its first office outside of Japan in 1976. The Canon i-Sensys MF735Cx is a lightweight (26.5 kg), multifunction, colour inkjet printer that can print on paper sizes up to A4 with a 250-sheet capacity. The KIP 3100 wide-format multifunction printer was developed jointly by Toshiba TEC and Xerox. It is a multifunction, colour inkjet printer with a capacity of 300 sheets and a printing speed of 28 pages per minute for paper sizes up to A4.

    Solid ink, for example, produces 90% less waste and can lower colour printing expenses by as much as 70%; this is just one example of how Xerox is dedicated to adopting cutting-edge technology without losing the reliability of its products. Being a leader in mobile technology, Samsung is also making waves in the business world. Samsung's recent development of a mobile print app highlights the company's dedication to technological innovation. Kyocera Document Solutions is a limited liability business, and DeSales is the sole UK dealer for copiers made by DEVELOP GmbH. Epson, a Japanese manufacturer of electrical and photographic equipment, has been in business as a Seiko subsidiary since 1942. Kyocera's ECOSYS printer technology is a prime example of the company's dedication to sustainability, and all of the company's models have earned the Energy Star label as well.

    Content Summary

    • No business, no matter how large or little, can function without printers and photocopiers.
    • When you consider all the different brands and models of photocopiers you can buy in Australia, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the options.
    • There are numerous benefits to investing in the best digital copier you can afford.
    • Today's offices require a speedy and trustworthy photocopier.
    • Multifunction printers (MFPs) integrate printing, scanning, and faxing into a single machine, and this list compiles the most dependable and cost-effective MFPs on the market.
    • When searching for a printer with scanning and copying capabilities, you may choose from a broad variety of models and configurations.
    • Compare the advertised capacity to your company's actual needs.
    • Examine the fax features of the MFP; in the present day, these features will most likely include both cloud storage and a direct dial to another fax machine.
    • Ensure you have the multifunction printer set to print only what you need.
    • Make sure the photocopier's connected apps are secure by inspecting them thoroughly.
    • Hardware selection is complicated, and a well-known brand's reputation should be just one factor among several.
    • It is important to think about the copier provider's print services and rental/leasing alternatives while making your choice.
    • A3 photocopiers, which are normally free-standing machines, come with all the bells and whistles, including high-speed printing, high-volume printing, binding, and stapling.
    • This has an immediate effect on the cost per page.
    • A multifunction USB printer could serve all your printing needs if your company is small.
    • It's important to consider the price per page.
    • When calculating your total cost, don't forget to factor in not only the photocopier itself, but also consumables like ink, paper, and other supplies.
    • Finding a dependable photocopier source is important, but choosing a dependable provider is even more crucial.
    • User-managed periodic maintenance and frequent consumable replacement can dramatically reduce productivity regardless of model.
    • On the other hand, they may find more suitable finance and maintenance options elsewhere.
    • While choosing a photocopying service, consider the following factors. Customer reviews and testimonials, provider located nearby for quick access in case of emergencies, You can reach support via email, a toll-free or a premium phone.
    • The availability of on-site technicians is one of several potential maintenance and repair arrangements. The contract's extensive legalese is meant to protect the customer from being locked into an unfair deal, Termination provisions in the contract are especially important.
    • To get the most reasonably priced and dependable photocopier service in the UK, you can use a tool like Companeo to gather and compare bids from several vendors.
    • Konica Minolta offers a wide range of solutions, from basic multifunction machines to cutting-edge high-volume print output systems, to meet the printing requirements of businesses of all sizes.
    • Canon Tokyo, Japan-based Canon Inc., has a worldwide sales and marketing arm called Canon Ltd.
    • The headquarters of the United Kingdom division is in the county of Surrey.
    • In 1976, Canon established its first overseas operation in the United Kingdom, where it first catered to the business community by manufacturing and selling calculators, micrographic equipment, and photocopiers.
    • Canon is well-known in the corporate world for producing reliable and quick printers and photocopiers.
    • Toshiba TEC calls the British town of Chertsey, located in the county of Surrey, home.
    • The goal of the partnership between the two firms was to bring wide-format multifunction printing to Toshiba's clientele.
    • The KIP 3100 wide-format MFP is both extremely adaptable and capable of printing in full colour.
    • Toshiba also offers a wide selection of printers and multifunction printers.
    • Xerox In offices with less than 50 workers, Xerox's small multifunction printers and photocopiers are a great investment.
    • Solid ink allows for fast, simple printing of vivid colours.
    • It reduces waste by 90% compared to laser printing and can save you as much as 70% on colour printing expenses.
    • High-quality laser duplication, at a price The multipurpose, colour inkjet printer weighs under 30 pounds and 7 ounces while producing up to 28 pages per minute on paper sizes as large as A4. Superior print quality and a wealth of customization choices thanks to a sleek, modern interface. This Xerox machine is not the quickest one around.
    • Samsung is currently a global powerhouse and a household name in many countries.
    • Samsung's dedication to technological innovation is on display in the form of a newly released mobile print app.
    • Using this app, you can print wirelessly from afar.
    • Each office is outfitted with state-of-the-art printers, photocopiers, and telephones.
    • Samsung's televisions and smartwatches have set multiple records and won numerous awards.
    • Develop DeSales is DEVELOP GmbH's sole UK distributor for photocopiers. DEVELOP is actually a branch of Konica Minolta.
    • The assembly line printers can print up to 92 pages per minute.
    • With a large dealer and reseller network, Kyocera Document Solutions may be found all throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.
    • Kyocera's ECOSYS printer technology is a great example of the company's dedication to protecting the planet.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The printer is a peripheral device that creates a solid copy of the digital data that is represented on the computer screen. Printers can be used to connect to a computer using a USB or wirelessly. A copier is a machine that makes exact copies of something along the lines of a document, photograph, drawing, etc.

    Negatively charged powder spread over the surface adheres through electrostatic attraction to the positively charged image areas. A piece of paper is placed over the powder image and then given a positive charge. The negatively charged powder is attracted to the paper as it is separated from the photoconductor.

    When the lamp in the copier is turned on, it moves across the inside of the copier, illuminating one strip of the paper at a time. A mirror attached to the lamp assembly directs reflected light through a lens onto the rotating drum below. The lens works just like the one on your camera.

    Inventor Chester Carlson used static electricity created with a handkerchief, light and dry powder to make the first copy on Oct. 22, 1938. The copier didn't get on to the market until 1959, more than 20 years later. When it did, the Xerox machine prompted a dramatic change in the workplace.

    • Volume.
    • Scanning Features.
    • Speed.
    • Additional Features and Advantages.
    • Manufacturer.
    • Purchasing Options.
    • Price.
    • Multi-functionality.
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