What is the best tracking device for a car?

What is the best tracking device for a car?

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    The use of GPS tracking devices in automobiles is on the rise. There are several possible motivations for car owners to install a tracking device. Maybe they worry about auto theft and want to give themselves the best chance of recovering their vehicle if it is taken.

    The car's owner may also be interested in monitoring its location and speed if it is shared among several persons. The ideal option is to install a tracking device in your vehicle if you value keeping maintenance records or researching the vehicle's performance history.

    Very often, cars are stolen. It may be challenging to track down a stolen vehicle, so having a way to track its location at all times can mean the difference between recovering your vehicle and buying a new one. Learn more about the best automobile GPS trackers by reading our in-depth evaluations.

    In today's digital age, figuring out where your car is is a breeze. Current GPS technology has enabled the production of inexpensive trackers that can keep you apprised of your vehicle's whereabouts at all times. Aside from that, many of these GPS trackers include other functions that help monitor driver behaviour, which is perfect for watching a teenage driver.

    Tracking gadgets that use GPS is simple enough. Assuming you've already set up the corresponding app on your phone, you can usually place them inside your car. Several of our suggestions require an OBD2 port to use with your car. Some of the extra functions of these gadgets include tracking the status of your car's systems and obtaining information about your car's velocity, acceleration, deceleration, and other similar metrics. Such gadgets are analogous to those used by insurance firms to provide reduced monthly premiums in exchange for monitoring one's driving behaviour.

    This article will examine the finest GPS trackers on the automobile market, define these devices, and outline the steps you should take to select the one that is ideal for your needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Monitoring the location of a truck, car or any moving vehicle using the GPS system. Widely deployed to keep track of truck fleets, vehicle tracking ensures that the vehicles are being used properly and that they can be recovered in the event they are stolen.

    Because the interior plastic trim on most modern vehicles is easy to remove and often hides an abundance of free space, that's where you're very likely to find a hidden GPS tracker. If you're not keen on disassembling half of your car to find one small box, you should use an electronic bug sweeper.

    What is a GPS Tracker?

    Using satellite positioning system technology, a GPS tracker may relay its position to a remote server and make it accessible from any Internet-connected device.

    These gadgets rely on third-generation and fourth-generation long-term evolution (3G/4G LTE) cellular network technology to upload data to a central server that can be accessed anywhere in the world. You should know that some trackers because they rely on cellular connectivity, will only deliver tracking information in certain countries. Trackers with worldwide SIM cards are your best bet for a device that can be used anywhere.

    Apps for Android and iOS platforms make it possible to control various gadgets from your mobile device. In addition, some allow you to view your data from any computer with an internet connection using a web-based interface.

    Top-Rated GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

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    Vyncs GPS Tracker: Long-Term Tracking Best

    The Vyncs GPS records where you go, how safely you drive, how long your battery lasts, what kind of maintenance your car needs when it needs to be serviced, and even if it needs to be recalled.

    Your driving is graded on the system's Tip Performance Index (TPI) scale, with a higher number indicating safer driving and lower premiums. VyncsMiles is a free companion app with Amazon Alexa to keep tabs on your mileage and split it into separate categories for work and play.

    As opposed to the standard monthly subscription model, Vyncs offers year options. For those who value meticulous record-keeping of their vehicle's whereabouts for an extended period, the discounted rate is of great value.

    Vync offers three service tiers, from free to premium, with perks like roadside assistance in each tier. Fleet is a service offered by Vyncs for business clients that wish to keep tabs on their staff when they make deliveries or travel to other locations.

    We are not fans of how long it takes for the page to reload by default—three minutes—or how expensive the fastest refresh option is—fifteen seconds. The interface can be challenging to navigate as well.

    For Novice Drivers, MOTOsafety GPS Tracker

    Our top pick for new adolescent drivers is the simple-to-install MOTOsafety GPS Tracker, which includes a driving education course, route playback via Google Maps, geofencing, and individualised position alerts.

    We like that the package includes a driver's education programme, so your adolescent may study for their permit test with access to instructional videos and practice tests.

    The daily driving progress report on the smartphone app is a great feature; however, the stats can be difficult to interpret. Because Google Maps' posted speed restrictions are only sometimes accurate, MOTOsafety may incorrectly report that you're above the limit even when you aren't.

    The same is true of the regular quick acceleration required, for example, to merge onto a busy highway. Before you take away your teen's car keys for a low score on their MOTOsafety driving report, we advise giving it a try drive and evaluating the sensitivity.

    GPS Tracker Spytec GL300

    SpyTecGPS is a highly regarded company in the GPS market, and its GL300 model is often regarded as the best of its kind. This GPS tracker's 2.5-week battery life and nearly faultless 4G LTE coverage are outstanding features. It's small enough to stow away in your car without being seen; its dimensions are 3 inches in height and 0.38 inches in thickness.

    The GL300 works with any cell phone, tablet, desktop, or wireless service. This GPS tracker has an infinite tracking range thanks to satellite technology, so you never have to be near to know precisely where it is.

    Great when tracking cars, especially when your teen is behind the wheel, you may set up notification options on your smart device and receive alerts when the tracker leaves and arrives at a predetermined place. You can keep up to a year's worth of data in the tracker and generate reports that summarise the tracker's past data.

    This GPS tracker is also future-proof because the company's development team constantly improves its functionality with new features. These improvements are made possible through the use of machine learning as well as other cutting-edge tools that improve the tracker's precision and overall intelligence.

    The LandAirSea 54 Is a Magnet-Mounted, Waterproof GPS Tracker.

    If you need a watertight gadget, look no further than LandAirSea's 54 GPS tracker, which features a built-in magnet for quick and simple attachment. Because of the device's built-in water resistance, you won't need to spend extra money on a protective case. This GPS tracker has a rechargeable battery that, depending on usage, can last anywhere from a week to two weeks on such a single charge, despite its tiny size (about the size of a short roll of Scotch tape).

    SilverCloud web-based software or the mobile LandAirSea app (for both Android and iOS) can be used to keep tabs on this unit. The current GPS location can be shared using Sharepoint, an instant geofence can be created with InstaFence, and endless printable reports can be accessed through the app's InstaFence and SMS/email alerts.

    With its 4G LTE connection and included SIM card that provides unlimited data and access to LandAirSea's tracking servers, this GPS tracker is a significant investment. 

    Personal GPS Tracker, or PRIMETRACKING

    This Tracking device is among the smallest on the market, making it a good option if you have limited space. This device from PRIMETRACKING is only 3 inches by 1.5 inches, making it simple to hide in a car or employ for other tracking purposes.

    It may be tiny, but the tracker's battery lasts two weeks. Some features include geofence, route history, detailed activity location notifications, and more. Unlike some other GPS trackers, it has an infinite range, so you don't need to be in the same nation to keep tabs on your car's whereabouts.

    GPS Tracker Mini

    Another ultra-compact GPS tracker is available from Tracki. This product has a global SIM card, making it usable in over 185 countries. This tiny tracker, measuring 1.8 inches by 1.6 inches by 0.7 inches and weighing only 1.7 ounces, is helpful for more than just keeping tabs on your car.

    It comes with a lifetime guarantee and a free replacement tracker if you need help finding yours. The battery can be swapped out; however, its standard life span could be better than competing goods. The batteries will last for about three days if you only require updates per minute. The battery can last for a maximum of thirty days on a single charge if you need updates four times daily. A larger battery is available as an optional extra, bringing it in line with competing smartphones; it can last for two weeks while receiving real-time updates or six months when receiving updates four times daily.

    This gadget allows you to set up geofence zones, inside which you will receive alerts about speed and other events and updates about movement through SMS and email. Recordings of travel data (including distance covered, speed, and duration) can be kept for up to five years.

    The Tracki GPS tracker has various attachment options, including a magnet, Velcro, and a belt clip, so it may be placed wherever you like.

    The CarLock Tracking and Warning System

    CarLock's GPS tracker is yet another OBD2 gadget that keeps tabs on your vehicle in real-time, sending you notifications whenever it detects motion, the engine is started, an abnormal vibration is felt, or the device is taken out of the car. Because it plugs into your car's OBD2 port, this gadget can also track things like how quickly you're accelerating and stopping and how quickly you're turning corners. Great for keeping tabs on teen drivers as it reports a monthly safety rating. In addition, the gadget may inform you if your vehicle's battery is low or draining quickly.

    Tracking Device, Trak-4 GPS

    An alternative GPS tracker that won't break the bank is Trak-4. This device is better suited for business use due to its sturdy construction and long-lasting rechargeable internal battery (up to 18 months with daily reporting). Ping rates while moving might range from one minute to one hour; however, more frequent updates will drain your battery faster.

    This tracker offers map history and geofence zones with email and SMS alerts. With a REST API, businesses may quickly get GPS reports. Complete documentation and source code examples make it easy for programmers to use. In addition, the Trak-4 can provide a rough location using cell trilateration without a GPS signal.

    The device comes with a SIM card and requires no activation or cancellation costs.

    Optimus Tracker GPS Locator, Twin Magnet Case

    The Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker, equipped with 4G LTE connectivity and a dual magnet inclosure, is included in this Optimus Tracker package. Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets on the market, and the case is watertight and resistant to water damage. The app, compatible with Android and iOS, allows users to set up notifications, geofences, and driving reports. 

    Various alerts can be set up, such as when the tracker is activated, when a vehicle is speeding, when the battery level drops below a certain threshold, when the SOS button is used, and when the tracker enters or leaves a predetermined geographical location area. Such notifications may be issued via electronic mail or short message service.

    Depending on how frequently you report data, a single charge should last anywhere from a week to two weeks.

    Vehicle GPS Tracker Features

    what is the best tracking device for a car


    Consider your budget, as GPS trackers cost more than $100. Nevertheless, it would be best if you didn't only think about the initial investment; there's also the monthly fee many services assess for storing your car's GPS data online. Pay extra upfront if you need data for an extended period but would prefer not to pay a monthly fee.

    Unique Qualities

    If tracking is the only function you require from your device, then picking one from our list should be simple. Nevertheless, many of the devices we've included here are capable of much more. Various features available on these models may be helpful to you, such as daily driving reports, Alexa connectivity, and engine trouble diagnosis.


    Whether an electronic device should be battery-powered or plugged in is essential; GPS trackers for cars are no exception. A few of these gadgets run on rechargeable batteries, while others link up to your automobile. If you want the device to be on while your car is running at all times, you'll need to decide if you'd rather deal with the hassle of charging or replacing batteries.

    If safety from theft is your main concern, a smaller, more covert device concealed within your car may be the best choice. Expert car thieves may examine the onboard diagnostics (OBD2) port to see if a GPS tracking device has been installed before making off with your ride. If that's your top concern, consider one of the smaller options we provided that can be stowed away in a glove compartment or the trunk.


    For reasons include preventing theft and facilitating future maintenance and performance studies, more and more people are installing GPS tracking systems in their cars. In order to share its location with a server and make it available from any Internet-connected device, GPS trackers rely on satellite positioning system technology. These devices use worldwide, always-on, cellular network connectivity made possible by third- and fourth-generation long-term evolution (3G/4G LTE) technology to transmit data to a centralised server. Some trackers, however, only provide location updates for select nations. In this article, we'll take a look at the best GPS trackers for cars now available and go over the steps you can take to get the one that's right for you.

    For extended tracking, a device with a global SIM card is ideal. Where you go, how securely you drive, how long your battery lasts, what sort of maintenance your car needs, and even if it has to be recalled are all recorded by Vyncs GPS. The MOTOsafety GPS Tracker has features including a driving school, Google Maps route playback, geofencing, and personalised location notifications. Vync has three tiers of service, free, plus, and premium, plus, with premium features including roadside assistance. Businesses can use Fleet to track their employees as they make deliveries or travel to other places.

    If you're looking for a high-quality GPS device, go no further than SpyTecGPS. Their GL300 model, with its 2.5-week battery life and practically perfect 4G LTE coverage, is often considered the best of its kind. Thanks to satellite technology, the tracking range is endless, and it's compatible with any phone, tablet, computer, or wireless service. The LandAirSea 54 is a waterproof GPS tracker with an integrated magnet for easy mounting. It can be monitored via the web-based SilverCloud software or the mobile LandAirSea app, and its rechargeable battery can last for up to two weeks on a single charge. This GPS tracker is a serious purchase due to its high-end 4G LTE connectivity and built-in SIM card.

    The GPS Tracker Mini from PRIMETRACKING is a tiny GPS tracker with unlimited range and international SIM card access. Its battery lasts for two weeks, it's guaranteed for life, and replacement trackers are free. Both Tracki and CarLock offer GPS trackers with a variety of attachment methods, and when either one detects motion, the engine is started, an unexpected vibration is detected, or the device is removed from the car, an alert is sent to the user. Alternatively, the Trak-4 GPS is a GPS tracker that is more suitable to commercial use due to its strong build and long-lasting rechargeable internal battery. It provides a rough location using cell trilateration even without a GPS signal, and it keeps a map's history and sets up geofence zones with email and SMS warnings.

    It has no activation or termination fees and comes with a SIM card. The supplied GPS tracker is the Optimus 2.0, which features 4G LTE connectivity and a dual-magnet inclosure. Users can customise the app with alerts, geofences, and activity logs. Car GPS trackers have a week to two weeks of battery life and cost only $19.95 per month. You can report every 10 seconds when moving, or every 30 seconds.

    Not only are unique features like daily driving reports, Alexa integration, and engine trouble diagnosis helpful, but the price and monthly cost are also crucial. Electricity should be provided by batteries or an electrical outlet, and theft prevention should be a key priority. Smaller electronics can be stashed away in the car's glove box or trunk.

    Content Summary

    • Cars are increasingly fitted with GPS tracking equipment.
    • Car owners might put in a tracking device for a variety of reasons.
    • If other people use the car, the owner may want to keep tabs on where it is and how fast it is going.
    • If you place a high priority on collecting maintenance records and researching the performance history of your car, installing a tracking device is the best course of action.
    • Having the ability to monitor your vehicle's whereabouts at all times can be the difference between retrieving a stolen vehicle and having to buy a replacement.
    • Have a look at our in-depth reviews of the top-rated car GPS trackers to find out more.
    • Today, it's a breeze to track down your car, thanks to modern technology.
    • Modern GPS technology has made it possible to create low-cost trackers that can constantly update you on your car's whereabouts.
    • In addition, many of these GPS trackers come with features that help monitor driver behaviour, making them ideal for keeping an eye on a juvenile driver.
    • It's not hard to keep tabs on GPS-enabled devices.
    • Our OBD2 port is a must for several of our recommendations.
    • These devices can do things like monitor your car's systems and give you data on your speed, acceleration, and deceleration, among other things.
    • In this piece, we'll take a look at the best GPS trackers for cars now available, define what we mean by "car GPS tracker," and explain how to go about choosing the right one for your needs.
    • To make its whereabouts available from any Internet-connected device, a GPS tracker may transmit its coordinates to a central server.
    • These devices use worldwide, always-on, cellular network connectivity made possible by third- and fourth-generation long-term evolution (3G/4G LTE) technology to transmit data to a centralised server.
    • Because of their reliance on cellular coverage, some trackers can only provide location updates in select countries.
    • The best option for a portable tracking gadget is one that has a global SIM card.
    • Android and iOS apps allow you to manage your home's electronics from your pocket.
    • And with some, you can access your information from any computer with an internet connection via a web-based interface.
    • Where you go, how securely you drive, how long your battery lasts, what type of servicing your car needs, and whether or not it has to be recalled are all things that can be recorded by the Vyncs GPS.
    • A higher number on the system's Tip Performance Index (TPI) scale indicates safer driving and cheaper premiums for you.
    • If you use Amazon Alexa, you may use the free VyncsMiles companion app to track your distance and create different mileage logs for business and pleasure.
    • Easy-to-install MOTOsafety GPS Tracker is our best selection for new teen drivers because it comes with a driving instruction course, route playback via Google Maps, geofencing, and customised position alerts.
    • We like that there is a driver's education programme included so that your teen may prepare for their permit test with the help of video lessons and simulated exams.
    • The smartphone app's daily driving progress report is a nice tool, but the statistics might be hard to read.
    • MOTOsafety may falsely indicate that you're going too fast if the speed limit displayed on Google Maps is inaccurate.
    • If your kid receives a low score on their MOTOsafety driving report, we recommend giving the system a test drive and gauging its sensitivity before taking away their driving privileges.
    • The GL300 from SpyTecGPS is widely considered to be the best in its class of GPS devices.
    • Outstanding features of this GPS tracker include its nearly flawless 4G LTE coverage and its battery life of 2.5 weeks.
    • Data can be stored in the tracker for up to a year, and you can export reports that summarise the data.
    • This GPS tracker is built to last because the company's R&D team is always adding new, useful features to it.
    • The LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker is a great option if you require a waterproof device because it has a magnet built right in.
    • You can save money by not purchasing an additional protective case because of the device's inbuilt water resistance.
    • Despite its diminutive size, this GPS tracker features a rechargeable battery that may last for up to two weeks on a single charge (about the size of a short roll of Scotch tape).
    • This device can be monitored via the web-based SilverCloud software or the mobile LandAirSea app (available for both Android and iOS).
    • In addition to sharing the current GPS location via Sharepoint, the app also features quick geofencing using InstaFence and unlimited printable reports via SMS/email notifications.
    • This GPS tracker is pricey because it connects to the internet through 4G LTE and comes with a SIM card that gives you access to LandAirSea's tracking servers and limitless bandwidth.
    • If you're short on storage space, this tracking device is one of the most compact options available.
    • This miniature tracking gadget from PRIMETRACKING measures just 3 inches by 1.5 inches, making it easy to conceal in a vehicle or elsewhere.
    • The tracker may be small, but its battery life is impressive at two weeks.
    • Geofence, route history, precise activity location alerts, and other features are only a few.
    • Its range is unlimited, unlike other GPS trackers, so you can monitor your vehicle's whereabouts even if you're not in the same country.
    • With dimensions of 1.8 by 1.6 by 0.7 inches and a weight of 1.7 ounces, this tiny tracker is useful for more than just monitoring your vehicle.
    • In the unlikely event that you lose your tracker, you can get a new one at no cost and with a lifetime guarantee.
    • This device enables you to choose geographical boundaries inside of which you will receive SMS and email notifications detailing your location, speed, and any other relevant occurrences.
    • The GPS tracker from CarLock is another OBD2 device that monitors your automobile in real-time, alerting you when it detects motion when the engine is started, when an unexpected vibration is sensed, or when the device is removed from the car.
    • This device can monitor your acceleration, braking, and cornering times because it connects to your car's onboard diagnostics port (OBD2).
    • Good for keeping an eye on teen drivers because it provides a monthly safety grade.
    • If your car's battery is low or depleting quickly, the gadget may also let you know.
    • Trak-4 is an alternative GPS tracker that won't break the bank.
    • With this tracker, you can set up geofences with email and text message notifications and a map of the area they cover.
    • Without a GPS signal, the Trak-4 can still provide a general location using cell trilateration.
    • Getting updates more frequently than once every 10 minutes or once every minute will cost you more.
    • This Optimus Tracker set includes the Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker, which features 4G LTE connectivity and a dual magnet inclosure.
    • The software has features like customizable push alerts, geofences, and driving reports, and it works with both Android and iOS.
    • When the tracker is turned on, when the vehicle's speed exceeds a specific limit, when the battery level falls below a given threshold, when the SOS button is pressed, and when the tracker enters or departs a preset geographical location area are all examples of events that can trigger an alert.
    • Nevertheless, you shouldn't just consider the upfront cost; many providers charge a monthly subscription to store the GPS data from your vehicle in the cloud.
    • If you require data for an extended term but don't want to pay a monthly charge, you can pay more all at once.
    • Choosing a device from our list should be easy if tracking is the only feature you need.
    • Several of the gadgets we've featured, though, can do a lot more.
    • Several of the amenities offered by these automobiles may come in handy, such as daily driving reports, Alexa integration, and engine trouble diagnosis.
    • The question of whether a GPS tracker for a car needs to be plugged in or powered by a battery is an important one for any technological gadget.
    • Some of these gadgets use rechargeable batteries, while others connect to your car.
    • You'll need to consider whether the trouble of charging or replacing batteries is worth it if you want the device on at all times when your car is running.
    • A smaller, more discreet gadget that can be installed inside your vehicle may be preferable if theft prevention is your first priority.
    • While deciding whether or not to steal your automobile, professional burglars may check the on-board diagnostics (OBD2) port to discover if a GPS tracking device has been installed.
    • If that's the most pressing issue, pick one of the more compact alternatives that can be stashed away in the car's trunk or glove box.
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